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I hope I did not disappoint the DeLorean fans that own those cool cars thinking they found a source for parts —- sorry.

While I don’t currently have a flux capacitor built into my Mac’s at home, there are times when I need to be able to go back in time.

Hello, for those who do not know me, and for that matter those who do. I am Calvin Carson and I will be here on regular basis with mostly stuff about the Mac but on occasion I will post other neat stuff that I come across. Usually they will be things that you can use with or supply fodder to your Mac projects. I also occasionally co-host a radio show on 760 AM WJR in Detroit called “The Internet Advisor” on Saturdays. You can also catch it on the web if you can get it in one of the 38 states that the signal reaches at

So I started this blog with a reference to one of my favorite movies “Back to the Future”. For a good part of my IT career, I have been involved in data backup. While I don’t consider myself an authority (although I have recovered data for people and they have called me an Angel, Super Hero, and maybe even a God.), I know enough about the basics to be able to keep data safe.

What is data?

Data, in this conversation, is all the things in your Mac, or any computer, that you have created, bought, downloaded and you want to keep and it is not easily replaced. It can be any thing from pictures, music, movies, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. The list goes on. But generally it’s stuff you have created that you would like to keep.

So let me share a tip or two here and there to help you keep your data safe. I will be doing this over the course of the life of this blog so you can check in anytime. But like the “Hotel California” you can check out but you can’t ever leave.

The whole backup thing is broken down to these parts.

Media to use to backup data on.

Where to store the backup media.

Testing of the backup media.

How may copies of backup media is needed.


Make this easy and cost effective. Sure there will be the discussions on how long it will last on the media. Which is best? But I am not doing archiving at this point. We are just looking at short term backups. You know, under a year. So here are a couple of suggestions

Under 2 to 8 gigabytes of data.

Try a USB Thumb drive. The drives can be had for as little as $10.00 and they can store a heck of a lot of data (if you aren’t keeping movies or really really large amounts of music. It quick and easy to just plug it in, use the Finder to copy the files with drag and drop. Buy 2 drives and copy the data on each. I will tell you why in the next blog.

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  1. MAC_n_merra says:

    LOVED the reference to BTTF!! How has backing up your data files essentially made your life more convenient? Love reading what you have so far.