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SnowLeopardA gizillion articles have been published about Snow Leopard. I thought I would add my voice with some gotchas and goodies I came across.


Gotcha — Updating to Snow Leopard may change iCal Preferences to disable time zone support. To fix this, goto iCal > Preferences > Advanced .

iCal time zone support


Goodie — Mail in 10.6 has simplified creation of new mailboxes.  Previously, many steps were required to create a new mailbox in a topic folder. Now it is a one-right-click (control-click) operation. Besides that, you can drag the new mailbox to where you want it to be.

New Mailbox


Gotcha — In some cases after upgrading to 10.6 the Sync History may need to be reset. According to Mac OS X v10.5, v10.6: Resetting the SyncServices Folder,, Mail Rules may be affected.

"If you are syncing Mail Rules, in some cases Mail Rules will become deselected. Your Rules are still there, but you will need to re-enable any Rules you wish to use actively by selecting the checkbox next to them in the Rules pane of Mail Preferences."

Goodie — MacInTouch has a tip on showing invisible files in Open/Save dialogs. See

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2 Responses to Snow Leopard Gotchas and Goodies

  1. Mike B says:

    For those of you who were at the October meeting, I asked the first question at the beginning; “how can you convert Appleworks 6.2.9 to Pages 3.0.3 without doing each file separately?”. The great Applecare advisors helped me.
    First — take a document in Appleworks and open it
    Second — hit any of the “get info” buttons (command I) or the get info under the Finder File “drop down menu” or the blue “I” with snow leopard OS
    Third — In the info box go to “Open with:” and select Pages
    Finally — click the button that says “Change All…”

    A DONE DEAL — most, if not all, of your Appleworks 6.2.9 documents will be changed to Pages 3.0.3

  2. Erin says:

    From a retiree’s standpoint . . . When Amazon first brought out the Kindle, I found it interesting; however, I felt the device would disconnect me from the total experience of a fresh book in hand–inspecting a colorful book jacket, breathing in the new-paper smell, separating crisp pages, and finally placing a new friend in my library. As I reached retirement age last year, I found myself ready to pare things down a bit. There’s very little room left on my shelves, and hefting a 30-pound bag of books to read when traveling to and from vacation is no fun. When the Kindle 2 was announced, I began to rethink my original decision.

    My new Kindle 2 arrived a couple of weeks ago. It was a delight to use from the start. On opening the sleek, well-packed box, there was an initial set of written instructions written in a font that did not need a magnifying glass to be seen. Also, I didn’t have to flip through 15 languages to find the English instructions. The information was short and sweet, clearly written, and enabled set up in a matter of minutes.

    Two books later, I’m finding more and more advantages to having the Kindle 2. Here are a few unexpected perks:

    1. I’ve often spent time flipping pages while reading, trying to remember who a person is or trying to find a particular passage. With the Kindle 2’s search function, my answer is there in seconds. This is one of my favorite features.

    2. At present, I’m reading a book that takes place in the early 1800s. If there is an archaic word in the text, my Kindle 2 defines it for me without leaving the page. Where I might have skipped over this word without looking it up before, now it’s easy to check and I’m getting more out of what I’m reading.

    3. As we age, light conditions often determine what size font can be read easily. If I find myself in dim light, I just increase the font, and no reading glasses are necessary.

    4. No more flipping through pages to find where I left off. No more trying to keep those paperback book pages flattened to read.

    5. Kindle 2 will fit in my purse. It’s not heavy. The pages won’t wrinkle.

    6. In the notes section, I can write a book review–handy when you read a lot and often forget what a book was about or, even worse, whether you’ve read it or not.

    7. I finished a book the other night, closed the cover, and all of a sudden realized I didn’t have to find a place to shelve the book. It was actually a relief.

    And all this after only 2 weeks. I know there will still be books that I will add to my library, but I’m glad I transitioned to this modern way of reading. For all you baby-boomers out there who are still not sure you want to change old habits–take the plunge. Kindle 2 is a pleasure to use!