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MailappI came across an obscure Dear Abby for Mac users.

Here is one of the posts about Mail.

Dear Mr. Tipman,

NewMessageI am frustrated with Mail.  I accidentally typed "" in the address bar. Now, every time I send mail to Terry, Mail suggests the bad address.

How do I fix this?

Signed – Frustrated in MacLand

Dear Frustrated,

Mail > Window > Previous RecipientsIn the Mail Window menu, click on Previous Recipients.

ListYou will see the list of what mail remembers and also your Address Book entries with an icon on the left.

Use the search box or just scan the list to locate the bad entry. You can sort by Name, Email, or Last Used by clicking on the column headings.

Select the bad entry and click the Remove From List button.

There. All fixed. Feel better now?

Signed – Mr. Tipman

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One Response to Mail Tip – Recipient List

  1. Bob Eavns says:

    This is a useful info thanks. I have a similar problem when entering usernames a shortcut list often appears but it also contains incorrect versions of the username. I know this is related to the keychain or cookies but I have never been able to track down the lists to delete the incorrect entries. Any ideas folks?