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So in our first installment we spoke of doing a simple Finder backup of data from our Mac. Remember Data?


No not from Star Trek TNG — One of my favorite characters — but the data that you create in your Mac. Pictures, Music, Movies, Documents and more.

So Why did he say get 2 thumb Drives?

“Thumb Drives” are officially know as “USB Flash Drives”.

Here is the process and the reason

  • Click once on the “House” icon – This is your Home directory. Then hold down the Apple key and tap the “I” key. This will tell you how much data is in your house. Hopefully it will not be more data than the capacity of your thumb drive. If the Get info for the amount of data is less than the thumb drive you are in great shape. If it’s more, buy the largest thumb drive over that amount you can afford.
  • Insert your thumb drive into a USB port on your Mac. The drive should appear shortly on your desktop and you can name it because it will probably come up “untitled” or “No Name”. I would call it something like “Backup Drive A”.
  • Drag the Icon of your “House” on top of the icon for your thumb drive. The copy process should begin with the handy dandy progress bar. You can watch it progress, or go get something yummy to eat and return when it’s done. Secret Hint – If you have just a small amount of data, it won’t take long to copy but, you can still go get something yummy anyway.
  • After the Finder copy has completed. Drag the icon of the thumb to the Trash and it wll be in eject status. You can now remove it from the Mac.
  • Repeat the process above again. The only difference is when you get to the step to name your second thumb drive, name it something like …. hold on ….. here it comes …. “Backup Drive B”.

Now what do I do with these drives?

Now that you have 2 copies of your data backed up, you are half way to protecting yourself. This what you’ll do with the 2 thumb drives.

  • A safe deposit box is a good place to store one of the 2 thumb drives. It’s offsite or away from where the Mac is (unless you live in a bank). If you don’t have access to a safe deposit box. A trusted friend or family member’s home. Maybe locked in the desk at work. Just somewhere safe and secure from the location of the Mac that you backed up.
  • The other USB thumb drive you can keep at your same location as the Mac. Maybe in another room or in the home safe. That way it’s there for quick restores.

Restores ….. Restores….. Vat ist dis Restore you speak ovf?

Ahhh…… Fritz ….ve talk of restore in the next segment…Ya!

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4 Responses to When we last left our intrepid Hero ….

  1. Terry White says:

    I miss Data! Luckily not my data though 🙂

  2. Yvonne says:

    Love this Cal good job with your posts

  3. Cathie says:

    What/where is this “house” icon.

  4. Calvin says:

    It’s simple to find.

    1) Double click on your hard drive icon on the desktop

    2) Double click the USERS folder

    3) You should see your home folder (The House Icon) with your login name.

    That is the folder you want to drag and drop to copy.