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Verizon Wireless continues it's offensive agains the iPhone and AT&T. I really makes me wonder if we'll ever see an iPhone on Verizon. Rumors suggest that Apple's next iPhone will be a hybrid phone capable of being on either a GSM or CDMA network.




 This would certainly make it possible for Apple to sell the iPhone to any carrier in the world, including Verizon and Sprint. However, it will be interesting to see if Verizon and Apple can make up after these negative ads. Granted the ads are mostly attacking AT&T. However, this latest ad is clearly aimed at the iPhone too. I'm sure Steve doesn't like his pride and joy being referred to as a "misfit".

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4 Responses to Verizon continues its offensive against iPhone/AT&T

  1. Steven Klein says:

    Jobs might not like the way Verizon is ‘teasing’ the iPhone, but I’d like to think his first priority is what’s best for Apple shareholders.

    And I suspect such a hybrid phone is in their best interest.

  2. Kendall Gosage says:

    I think it is great! Droid is a superior phone! Apple has had a lot of problems with their monopoly in the market. That is what has ALWAYS gotten them in trouble. But no fear, even for iphone users, Apple will come out with an even better iphone I am sure. Competition is great and gives us far better, far cheaper phones as a result!

  3. Paul Corsa says:

    I’ve seen blogs claiming you can run Skype on the ipod- isnt this the biggest threat to A T & T’s contractual hold on the iphone?

  4. Terry White says:

    Yep, you CAN run Skype and other VoIP apps on the iPod touch. However, because the iPod can only access the internet via WiFi, the threat isn’t as large as say the iPhone being able to do this over the cell networks. Once users can do this officially (which is supposed to be the case now), then the cell phone companies will start to lose out on their pay by the minute packages because you’ll be able to make calls over Skype without impacting your phone minutes.