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Now you too can be Edison Carter!

Livestream is a service that lets you stream video across the Internet. Big whoop, Jack, there's already a bunch of those, and most people are using YouTube. So why do I care about Livestream?

Well, as the name implies, Livestream lets you stream live video to the net. Yup, live: from your iSight camera, your connected video camera, or your desktop. You can also stream from multiple cameras at once, according to the Livestream site, and even from phones that record video (although not having one I'm not quite sure how to do that).

You set up a channel and then you can start broadcasting. Here's my channel: or for the iPhone it's You choose your own channel name, and get to add the text you see in the overlays at the bottom (and you can add more than I did).

If you click on one of those links you'll see the video I made: You can either download the free Procaster software (for Mac, in beta, or released version for Windows) or just go to the Livestream Studio webpage, sign in, and let the Flash app take control of your camera, so you can work from any computer with a camera (or bring just your camera if you know there will be a computer with Internet access nearby). The Procaster app seems to give you more control, though.

The screen sharing tool is somewhat limited – reading anything on the screen is pretty much impossible at my screen resolution, so you'll probably want to make your resolution much lower (like 640×480) if you plan on showing anything, or try zooming in, although even that didn't look very good to me on playback. It's also probably hampered by my choosing "iPhone 3G" as my quality for recording.

You'll notice (if you played the whole thing) that I got cut off at the end, too – I actually spoke for a few more seconds before hitting "Stop" but for some reason that portion of the video didn't get saved.

You'll also notice I didn't look at the camera a lot – it's mounted at the top of my monitor, and looking at the camera meant I couldn't see my screen. Something to consider when placing your camera if you need to comment on what's on screen at the same time.

You can change the option in the Procaster software to just save the recording to disk – then set up a "storyboard" and upload it. It appears you can upload multiple videos to the same "storyboard" and have them play as one long video. If you upload a video, the video get processed, and can take a while to be available. If you broadcast live, it's available right away – but of course, you don't get a chance to edit it.

The chat room on the side is a nice feature. You can see where I tried it out during the recording. So you can see the chat afterwards too.

Not a bad service for free! 

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  1. Terry White says:

    Wow! I’m all over this. Thanks Jack!