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Been following the “Never ending continuing saga of ” Protectors of Data”! –   (Say that last part with an echo in your head. It’s really cool that way)

I love:

Back Bacon, “Back to the Future”, Back In the day, Back in the Alley, Back Doors, “Back In the USSR”, Back where I come from,  Back up Sucka, The song “The Backstabbers” but not real Backkstabbers, “Baby got Back”, and Chilli’s Baby Back Baby Back Baby Back Baby Back Baby Back Baby Back Ribs. But the best backs are …


Backups that I do on a REGULAR basis

Backups that I STORE OFFSITE

Backups that I can RESTORE successfully

Am I driving a point here?

Have a great weekend. I am going to particapate in Figure Skating. Go Figure!

Okay, I will BACK away from the keyboard now.

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