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Everywhere you turn you see the message to "Go Green."

It’s a good message; to reuse, recycle and cut down on waste.

I print to paper less and less, practically everything is saved as a PDF.

I’ve scanned, shredded and recycled files upon files of papers that had been taking up space for years.

More and more all types of establishments are using online communication or PDF files; online banking, utilities, retailers. They even ask at the Apple Store if you would like a receipt sent to your e-mail address instead of being printed. eBooks are here to stay and on the rise and Kindle is getting new features.

What about going green for all those magazines that you’ve become addicted to over the years?

Well there’s Zinio.


I’ve been a customer of for many years now. I have a subscription to MacWorld magazine and over the years those magazines just piled up. When MacWorld offered a digital subscription in 2003 I decided it was time to change my reading style.

At that time, there wasn’t a lot of magazines that were digital, but now, even “O” magazine has joined the groupings. 

Magazines subscribed to or downloaded freely from site are read using ‘Zinio Reader.’

With Zinio Reader you can add notes and highlights to articles in the magazine as well as do the things you’d normally expect like paging thru, zooming, accessing links, printing, and sharing the magazine with others. 

The prices for a digital version of your favorite magazines are less than what you would pay for the newsstand version. And you never have to worry about your magazine getting dog-eared.

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