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The Backup Evangelist

Some of you may be old enough to remember when even though you may not have been of a particular faith group, everyone pretty much ate fish on Friday. Let’s go “Back” in time again shall we? Here’s a clip that has given me a chuckle. Monty Hall / Pat¬†Sajak any one?


True Story True Story

I was talking with an associate the other day. She is a DJ. Had a couple of questions on how to make her MacBook run more effectively. I did an analysis and gave her my recommendation for system enhancement. At the same time I noticed a rather large and robust music library on her laptop. As i was returning it to her I said what I normally say to all the people that I do computer work for.

“You do a regular backup of your computer, right?”

She returned to me, a puzzled look which answered the question for me. However, she did not realize that she was already backed up. It comes out that she has all the music she had on her laptop, on a another computer back at her studio. So automatically she had a backup of her music. However she had purchased a large external hard drive to backup the laptop for use “on the road” so she was “double covered”.

So, are you covered? Are you doing those important steps to keep your “fat out of the fire”?

Do You?

1) Backup regularly.

2) Make 2 copies of your backups – in case one copy “goes south” you get a second chance.

3) Store a copy of your backup offsite from your computer – Rotate your backups.

4) Test restoring your backup periodically – If you can’t restore it, it is not a backup.

5) Repeat the above 4 steps.

Consider This

When one purchases a new computer or upgrades a hard drive, budget in money for appropriate backup media or devices and software. It’s as much a part of the purchase as a printer or other peripheral. Consider the backup peripheral when buying a computer for yourself or as a gift. Matter of fact, I bet there is someone on your list that could use and would love extra hard drive space to backup to. USB 2.0 or Firewire… or both. It is a simple purchase that just keeps on giving…… peace of mind.

One of the best things you can do is to remember this adage from this old sage of computing. Now although I was familiar with back ups, I like his wording and will continue to use it.

¬†(Yes he is the old sage. He may not look it but …He is.)

“There are 2 types of computer users ( No No not Mac and PC ) —- Let me start over.

“There are 2 types of computer users. Those who need to backup and those who wished they had backed up. Which one are you?”

See ya next Fabulous Friday!

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