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Since many received iPhones or iPod touches for the holidays, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite applications.There are many available apps out there, some more useful or better written than others. These are a few that I use frequently.


CardStar (free) — this is one that Terry has written about. You know all of those little barcode tags from the drug store, grocery store, book shop, etc.? Enter the barcode numbers in this app and just let them scan your screen. No more tags to clutter your keychain. 


Evernote (free) — Evernote is basically a cross-platform database for your notes, web clippings, you name it. Access your saved data from any computer (Mac or Windows), your own desktop app, or your mobile device. I use it to grab everything from web receipts to cartoons to knitting patterns.


FileMagnet ($4.99) — FileMagnet is simply the easiest way to transfer documents to your iPhone or touch via your WiFi network. Just launch the desktop app and the app on your iPhone or touch, then drag and drop. Read and email PDFs, Microsoft Office, iWork '09 and many other format documents. There are uploaders for both Windows and Mac. 


Kindle for iPhone (free) — Quite simply, this is probably my favorite. I've written about it before. Amazon's Kindle Store sees way too much of my money, but they also manage to offer a fair number of free books. It's amazing the number of full length novels you can fit on one iPod touch. This is a book junkie's dream.


Mactracker (free) — I've kept the current version of Mactracker on my computers probably since it was first released. It gives you all available information on every Apple computer, device and operating system ever released. Want to know what operating systems will work on that old computer? This will tell you. Need to know which backup battery that old machine uses? Yep, that information is also available.


MobileMe iDisk (free) — Yes, you can access your iDisk from Safari on your iPhone or touch, but this free app from Apple just works better.


That's it for this week. I won't admit to the number of apps I have, but these are the more productive ones. Next week — games and silly stuff.

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