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Have you ever made a New Years resolution and not followed through upon it?

Well today you have a chance to make some resolutions that will pay off in spades if you follow them.

The best part is that you won't have to give up chocolate cake or any other decadent dessert.


  Calvin - Lou         images-5                                                                           Photo Courtesy of Lou


Here are some resolutions you can do for the New Year to keep yourself prepared from data disaster.


1)     Resolve to put into whatever electronic calendar that you use (iCal, Outlook, Entourage, iPhone or iPodTouch) a reminder to do a backup at least once a month for 2010.

2)     Resolve to take whatever gift cards or cash you may have received during the holiday season and spend it on some sort of reliable backup media. (2 External hard drives or 2 Large capacity USB Flash drives come to mind)

3)     Resolve to decide upon a safe location offsite from your Mac or PC to store your backups and start using that location to protect your data.

4)     Resolve to clean out any unnecessary data and either archive it or delete/destroy it. Clutter will bring confusion when and if a disaster occurs.


These resolutions will assure a safe and Happy New Year for you and your data.

Now an ABBA FlashBACK…….






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One Response to Happy New Year — Backup Resolutions

  1. Phyllis Evans says:

    Love the photo. Brings to mind a variation on dialog between Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. And now, I’ll go to my room. You seem to bring out the worst in me.