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I'm a fan of MobileMe and while I do think the service could offer more for what it costs (considering there are so many similar things out there for FREE), I'm happy with the OS level of integration both in the Mac OS and on my iPhone.

However, one of things that makes MobileMe easier to justify is that I NEVER pay full price for it. MobileMe's retail price is $99/year for individuals and $149/year for the family plan. I'm on the family plan and can't remember the last time I actually paid $149 for it. 


If you have your MobileMe account set to "Auto Renew" you get the convenience of never having to remember to pay for it because Apple will charge your credit card the full amount as your expiration date approaches. However, if you want to save a significant amount of money each year just buy another retail copy off the shelf when you find a good deal on it. Once you buy it you can either shelve it until it's time to renew or go ahead and renew early by going to and keying in the number that comes in the box you bought.



Amazon always sells it for less!

See the current prices here (Individual | Family)

Also don't worry if Amazon or anyone else lists it as "Old Version". That just means that the retail packaging (yes the box) has changed. The service and what you get is not determined by what's inside the box. The most important thing inside the retail box is the activation number and as long as you have that you're good to go each year. is also known for having it on sale at different times throughout the year (Individual | Family). 

So log into your MobileMe account and Turn OFF the Auto Renew feature now. Don't worry about forgetting to renew. MobileMe will send you email reminders that your subscription is going to expire even if you don't have Auto Renew turned on. You'll thank me for it each year you save $$$.

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  • Great advice, Terry. I’ve been doing this for years. Last year I picked up TWO “.Mac” retail boxes for $80 from eBay.

    One note: You can’t apply more than one code at a time. I entered one code right away, but I had to wait until after my renewal date to enter the other code.

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