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One of the wonderful things about Address Book is that it works with many other apps and functions. Having Address Book sync across my computer, iPhone and MobileMe is a combination made in computer and time-management heaven.

I love being able to enter a new contact while I’ll out and about and have that information at my computer when I get back in front of it.

Address Book works as a Contacts manager but it does this in helpful ways that you might not think of, for instance with Safari. No doubt that some of your contacts have web sites listed within their contact information. What if, one day, you needed to visit the site. You might think that you have to open up Address book, retrieve the contact and click on their URL link.


Address Book

Well, yes you would. But having a shortcut preference set in Safari is a much easier and faster way to access this information. It brings all of the web sites from your Address Book contacts to you.


Safari Bookmarks Prefs


If you open Safari Preferences and select the Bookmarks icon, you’ll be presented with a series of checkboxes attached to certain locations within the Safari browser. The most visible and easily accessible to you is from the “Bookmarks bar” option.




Having this option checked, will place an Address Book bookmark within the menu bar of the Safari browser to allow you easy access to all the URL’s listed with your contacts. :::

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One Response to Address Book and Safari Gems

  1. David says:

    I use this feature a lot and it’s handy. But why didn’t apple implement this in iOS devices as well. Now I have to add all those links to my bookmarks bar anyway. C’mon Apple away with the inconsistencies.