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I frequently use the “Recent Items” Finder menu command to quickly get to a previously opened file.

But there have been many times that I’ve wanted to not open that recent file, but to see where the file was located instead. This usually meant digging through sub-folders.

But I’ve found a quicker way to get where I want to go.

While selecting the “Recent Items” menu command and then holding down the Command key, the menu will change to “Show (Recent Item) In Finder”, thereby taking me to the location of the file instead of opening the file.

Want to see more information from your Menu Extras?

Option-Click on them. Here are a few of mine.




With the option key held down, shows settings that you would normally change in the System Preferences pane.






With the Option key held down, selecting Condition will bring up a Mac Help page explaining what each condition means.













With the Option key held down, you see when each iApp was last synced and other options to choose from.









With the Option key held down, you are shown much more info about your wireless network and that of others.








Mac OS comes with a few built in programs that seem to get overlooked.

Could be that because they come freely with the software that some feel these “freebies” aren’t really useful?

I must admit that these days when I need the use of a Calculator, I immediately pull out my iPhone.

But this time I needed to do conversions and there is no instant conversions button on the iPhone.

And no doubt there’s an app for that, but not everyone with a Mac has an iPhone. (I’m sure Apple has plans for that.)

The next step would be to find a conversion chart.

Yes, I do I have one of those around the house, somewhere.

And sure, I could go surfing and find a conversion chart.

But then I thought about Calculator. It’s right under my fingertips, so I pulled it up.

Need a quick conversion?

Conversions options are available directly within Calculator.

To convert one unit to another:

  • Enter the value >
  • Select the Convert menu >
  • Select desired conversion units.

That quick and easy.




Here are a few more Calculator tips.

Successive pressing the green button in the upper left corner will toggle through the different modes of the Calculator:

  • Basic
  • Scientific, and
  • Programmer)

Instead of you having to select them from the View menu.










To see the Calculator entries select Window > Paper Tape.

Now you don’t have to guess if you’ve inputted the correct information if your calculations don’t come out as you expected.




If you entered 365 and meant to enter 345, instead of clearing the entry, press the delete key. Each press will delete one digit. So, with this example you would press delete twice, then press the correct 4 and 5 keys.

And my last Calculator tip, 

Pressing the equal sign again (and again) will automatically repeat the last operation.  :::

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2 Responses to Mac OS Finder and Calculator Tips

  1. Art says:

    That first Finder tip deserves a gold medal. How did I know know this? This is incredibly handy for new employees who save stuff without making a note of where it’s going! This happens quite often and this tip will be a huge help!

    Thanks for a tip I’ve never seen!

  2. Chita says:

    I’ll take that Gold Medal. 🙂