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1. share large files

share large files

One of the things I use my MobileMe account for the most is to share files with others that are too large to email. Sure I have my own Mac OS X Server and I have FTP setup, but I find it much easier just to send someone a link and have them click to download the files I want them to have. It's easy! Just put the files you want to share on your iDisk. You can even put them in a private folder like your documents folder (they don't have to be in the public folder). You should probably Zip (Compress) it first. Then log on to to your account at Click the iDisk icon at the top and once you find your file, just click the Share button. You'll get the chance to key in an email address and even password protect it as well as set an expiration date for the sharing.


2. Host your custom website or gallery

Sites folder

Although MobileMe works great and directly with sites built with iWeb, what if you built a site in another tool or exported a photo web gallery from another product like Lightroom? Well you can use your MobileMe account to host those custom sites. Although there is no FTP support, you can simply drag your web folder into your Web->Sites folder on your iDisk and you will then be able to access that site at


3. Email Aliases

email aliases

With your MobileMe account you have one main email address ( However, you can create multiple email aliases. For example lets say you want an email address that you give out to sites that you are going to register on for a one-time thing. You don't really want to hear from that site ever again and more importantly you might get spam from others if they give out your address. So you can create an alias at in your email settings and give out that address (say Any email sent to that address will appear in your main email account. However, if you notice that you're getting a lot of junk at that address you can then go disable or delete it and your main address remains intact. 

4. iDisk App

iDisk App

You can now access the contents of your iDisk on your iPhone, iPod touch or presumably iPad using the FREE iDisk App. Download it here for free.


5. upload via the web


One of the biggest complaints of using the iDisk in Mac OS X has been slow uploads using the Finder. One way around this is to upload to your iDisk using your web browser instead. You can upload via and by going to the iDisk tab on the site. 


6 give others access to send you stuff 


"hey send me that file." But it's too big to email. So why not give people the ability to upload files to you via the web even if they don't have a MobileMe account. Your address


7. Family Share

Family Ship

If you have a MobileMe Family Pack, you get a special "Shared" Folder on your iDisk that is seen by all of the users on your Family Pack. This is cool to have one folder that everyone sees. You want to share a file, just put it in that folder and everyone can download it without having to do any extra work.


8. Turn off Auto Renew


The best tip I can give you for MobileMe is to not pay full price for it EVER! MobileMe is a service. If you set your account via the page to auto renew it will charge your credit card the full $99 or $149 a year each year until you tell it to stop. However, you can often find MobileMe discounted throughout the year and buy it. The box contains an activation code and all you need to do is go to and key in that code to renew your account at any time. So don't pay full price. You can get MobileMe here for only $64.50 (family pack $103.98  ) right now!


9. Subscribe to your Galleries on Apple TV


If you have an Apple TV not only can you link it to your MobileMe photo galleries, but if you know the user name of your friends, you can subscribe to their photos too. This is great way not only to see your shots on the big screen, but it gives you an easy way to see your friend/family's photos as well as have them see yours.


10.  Don't forget about

Safari 2

I'm so used to having MobileMe integrated into the OS and Mail, iCal and Address Book that I never think about the fact that it's a website too. If you need to access your email, contacts, calendar, iDisk, etc. on someone else's computer, you can do so just by going to a browser on any Mac or PC and going to and logging in.


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  1. Genevieve says:

    I wish I had known about the discounted renewal find before my card was charged a few weeks ago! I’ll be renewing forever so good thing I picked up on this!