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To be able to appreciate the present and the possible future, one must reflect upon the past.

I say this because I was inspired by another blogger. I looked to the past of MacGroup. I went back. I also found that no matter how many years pass, some principles will endure. Like backing up on a regular basis.

What does this have to do with backups. Well, if Terry had not backed up past issues of MacNews, they would not be available for you to read or download from the MacGroup website. And get this, you can go back 10 years!

Extra Extra Read All about it!


Would you like to go back and see what the group was like in the beginning of the new century? Would you like to go back and see MacGroup members 10 years younger? Would you like to go back and see what was the hot Apple product or peripheral at the time?

Check out the MacNews Archives, you can see some interesting retrospective reading. You can also see how far we have progressed as an organization and how progressive leadership under Terry White has made for one of the best user group experiences around.


Remember this Saturday when you go to bed. SPRING FORWARD your clocks for daylight savings time. Your computer will do it automatically.

This weeks Musical interlude

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about this superstar from way back when. The older folks may remember and the younger folks will freak out. — Maybe enjoy is not the choice the week. More like wow!


Of course check the website to see when the show will be on this Saturday 3/13/2010. I will be co hosting again this week with the rest of the guys. With MSU basketball and March Madness, the times for the show get moved around. Check around the 4:00 PM time frame.

I will be back with another blog next week!

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  1. Jack Beckman says:

    We older folks will freak out too. Ahhhh!