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This week I am going to stray from data backup. But even though I won’t be talking about it, it does not mean you should not be doing it. There is always time to backup. It always less time to backup than it is time to recover or worse cry because you did not have a backup.


Nuff said.


Now the backup I am talking about this week is a backup power supply for your iPod or iPhone and the best part is that you can get your power and stay green doing it.


Solar e Power II from Wagan Tech



My sister-in law gave me this nifty device as a gift. It allows you to run/charge your iPod or iPhone with power from the Sun. Great for the beach, park, camping or anywhere an outlet or USB charger cannot be found. A great backup power supply as long as the Sun is shining.





The Solar e Power II is about as thick as 2 iPhones taped together. It unfolds to receive the rays to give you the plays on your iPod or iPhone. So it’s easy to pack in your bag or purse to carry anywhere. It stores nicely in the glove box in the car.



This week I will not be on the radio. It’s the week of the City of Berkley Ice Show “Legends on Ice”. The greater part of the show is made up of skaters from my club “The Berkley Royal Blades FSC” I will be doing the stage lighting and working with a great group of Dad’s that man the 4 spotlights for the skaters ( John, Jeff, Mike, and Lou ). i will be back on The internet Advisor on WJR 760 AM on April 3rd 2010. Make sure you make it to the MacGroup meeting this Sunday Mar 28th. Get meeting details at


Musical Selection for the week-

Since I really like the 80’s and some of the music of that era. Since it’s Ice Show week and it’s cool. It only seems fitting to go this way.




A young Jim Carey gone crazy. —- Have a GREAT Weekend!

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  1. Phyllis Evans says:

    What a way to start the weekend! Best video yet. I miss that show. Thanks, Calvin.