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I've pretty much adopted the Magic Mouse when I'm not using my Wacom Intuos 4 tablet. Although the Magic Mouse is not perfect, I do like it. I have one that resides in my computer bag for travel and I have one now on my production Mac which is a Mac Pro. However, there was one major issue with using the Magic Mouse on a Mac Pro. The metal casing of the Mac Pro, while stylish for sure, shields the Bluetooth signal a bit too much for reliable Bluetooth use. At least that's the case with the Magic Mouse. My Mac Pro is on the floor under my desk. Although Bluetooth has a range of 30 feet, the location of the case and more importantly the Bluetooth antenna on the Mac Pro lessen that range quite a bit.


Rather than give up on the Magic Mouse…

Using the Magic Mouse with my Mac Pro was becoming extremely frustrating. There were tracking issues as well as frequent disconnects and reconnects. It was pretty much unusable on this computer. So my choice was to either switch back to a corded mouse OR use a USB Bluetooth module. Moving the Mac Pro is not an option in my setup. I like it where it is. So going with a different Bluetooth adapter was the best bet. Granted, I don't like spending money to fix the thing that's supposed to work and is built-in, but I just didn't want to fight it anymore. I ordered a D-Link Bluetooth Adapter for less than $15. I plugged it in to one of the front USB ports (yes still on the floor) and my Magic Mouse disconnected pretty much immediately. It seems that when you plug in a second Bluetooth adapter the new one takes over. So I simply had to re-Pair the Magic Mouse and PROBLEM SOLVED! The Magic Mouse was instantly responsive and stays connected! No software to install. It just worked! So if you're having Bluetooth issues on a Mac Pro, this may be an easy solution for you too.

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3 Responses to A Simple Magic Mouse Fix for the Mac Pro

  1. Jack Beckman says:

    I can firm the fix – Terry told me what he was trying and I picked up a Belkin Bluetooth transceiver (which Terry spotted for on $10 with shipping – *after* buying his transceiver), plugged it in, re-paired the mouse, and so far (just got it Saturday) the mouse has been fine. It’s now very responsive and works as well as it does on my iMac.

  2. Rob says:

    I can confirm this works as well. The Magic Mouse was completely unusable on my Mac Pro with the mouse pad I was using. Put in a Belkin Bluetooth mini adapter and it works flawlessly.

  3. Greg says:

    This actually works just went out and buy an iogear brand one at walmart and everything works flawlessly, but it seems the wake up computer option via bluetooth is disabled, am going to mess around with it later.