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There are a few websites that have become favorites of mine over the years. Need a piece of software to do a specific task? There are two sites that have earned my loyalty for this. Version Tracker has been around the longest, and has divisions for Mac, Windows, iPhone & Palm, and even divides the Mac software by OS. Need to recover photos from a bad memory card? Plug "photo recovery" into their search window and it will come up with what's available. 

MacUpDate is the second site. Works the same way, but, as the name suggests, it's limited to Mac and iPhone software. Both of these sites list and give links to freeware, shareware and commercial software. Use them to see if your favorite piece of software has a newer version or bug fix. There are also reviews on each app — from the average, everyday user. Unbiased.

MacSurfer's Headline News is a great source for all Apple related news headlines. An entire page of headlines, divided by topic, and easy to peruse. And yes, friends, the MacGroup Blog is generally listed. Click on a headline that catches your interest, and you will be redirected to the article. I've been known to hit this site a couple of times a day. It's updated frequently.

The last of my "must bookmark" sites is dealmac. Updated daily, this site will give you the best deals on just about everything tech-related, from the latest Apple refurbs to digital cameras to you-name-it. They list the newest free iPhone apps and Amazon's daily free MP3s. You never know what you'll find, but it's always a good starting place when looking for new peripherals. 

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