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Once again it that time again. Yes it’s Spring and time for an annual “Spring Cleaning”


Now the Spring Cleaning I am talking about is not the software package for the Mac. Never used it and don’t know much about it.


I am talking about a simple Spring Cleaning of your Mac and the data within. Over the Winter you have accumulated lots of files. If you are like most, those files are strewn all over the hard drive. Pictures in Music folders, Music in Document folders, and documents every where.


Now is the time



Before the weather gets good outside and you leave the comfort of your desk and your Mac, take some time to get your files in proper order. Now what is proper for you may not be proper for someone else. I am just saying, get organized for goodness sake. Probably wouldn’t hurt to dust off the outside of the Mac as well, front and back.


Archive or backup


Those pictures that you took of Uncle Boogie at his birthday party 3 years ago can be either backed up to an external hard drive or archived on a DVD. Why clutter up you life with stuff you don’t  use regularly. By organizing, you’ll find using your computer more enjoyable.


I will be back on “The Internet Advisor” on WJR 760 AM on Saturday April 3rd 2010. Check the Internet Advisor website for the time of the show. With MSU in the NCAA “Final Four” the times have been moving around. I believe we will be on from 9 to 11 PM. Join us!


Weekly Musical Selection


Since “April showers bring May flowers” I guess we can “Blame it on the Rain”. These 2 guys were the only artists every stripped of a Grammy. I still liked the song from the 80’s — Enjoy



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3 Responses to Springtime in the City … cleanliness is next to Backup

  1. Steven Klein says:

    Hey Calvin, you were missed at the last meeting. Hope to see you at the April meeting. Will you be there?

  2. calvin says:

    Steve, it is my plan to be at every meeting. So I am looking forward to the next meeting. C U there!

  3. Steven Klein says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing you there. In addition to my tiny tip, I had a tiny joke prepared just for you—something I thought you would especially enjoy.

    I hate to keep you in suspense, but you’ll find out the details at the next meeting.

    Hint: I’ve invented a new dance called “The Calvin.”