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By now you're read Terry White's iPad review and Phyllis Evans' impressions and dozens of other reviews on the 'net. So the last thing you need from me is yet another iPad review. Fortunately, you won't get one, because I don't have one.

Yes, I realize an admission such as this lowers my status and makes me less of a Gizmo guy. But it's not all my fault! It's not that I don't want one – I do. But I'm waiting for the 3G model. I want the 3G access and just as importantly the GPS, because one of the way I want to use the iPad is as an electronic map/atlas. So instead of an iPad I have an empty case, a VGA adaptor, and a dock, with no iPad to connect to them.

If you're like me, with a WiFi+3G model on order, or just thinking about getting an iPad, let me give you a quick bit of advice. There are several interesting apps that have just been released as "universal" apps (they work on the iPhone and have tailored code for the iPad) or as iPad-only apps (some all new, some revamps of iPhone apps). Many of these are free or on sale for a limited time. If you are at all thinking about getting an iPad, download them now! You don't need to wait for your iPad. iTunes will let you download iPad apps even if you've never synched up an iPad.

If you are sure you're getting an iPad, you can buy apps that are on sale. If you're still on the fence, at least download the limited-time free apps. You can always toss them later if you change your mind. But once you've "purchased" them (even for free), then you're entitled to the updates (so if you pick up an iPad later on down the line, you won't have to pay). Of course, if the app is replaced by a different app, you're out of luck in the free-upgrade department (but still have the free version if you haven't tossed it).

Also, as you read reviews of paid apps you might like, go to the iTunes store and click on the small arrow to the right of the price – you can then add it to your "wish list" so that in a few weeks, when your iPad shows up, you won't forget about them.

A couple of the apps I have reviewed – iScore Baseball and MLB At Bat – have come out with new iPad-only apps that make better use of the real estate.  I personally am looking forward to both of these and have them in my wish list. I've also already downloaded the Netflix app and the Weather Bug app, both of which also look pretty nice (and are free, although of course the Netflix app is only useful if you subscribe to Netflix). 

So go ahead, start trolling through the store for those apps now, while some are free or cheap!

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  1. Jack – You’re proving a point that occurred to me when I read in some newspaper reports that first day sales were heavy, but not quite up to expectations: Just wait until the 3G model is on the shelves! Another rampage at the Apple stores is on the way.
    (Fortunately you have an advance order.)