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This past Saturday was a special day in the world of Technology. Just in case you were in a cave for the past few weeks, or just out doing your own thing, Saturday the Apple Stores debuted the iPad. 

While I had no intention of purchasing one at this time, I did want to see the public reaction first hand to this new device.

Besides, I wanted to touch it. Touching is important to me when buying things.  🙂
I decided to visit one of the local Apple stores to see if the excitement would live up to the hype. And, yeah, it did. The response was incredible. Even from me. I knew I liked the iPad and have definite uses for it. Once I touched it, held it, flipped it, turned it over and played with it, I was totally hooked. It is an incredible device.


As most of you may know, being in a Apple store is like none other.

I’ve taken PC, new computer and none computer friends into an Apple store and they all say the same thing when we leave. “There’s so much energy in that store. What is that?” I tell them that they have to get their own Mac, then they’ll understand. They have, they do.

I parked myself in front of an iPad and took it through the paces. Lifting it, the iPad was heavier than I thought it would be. Neither a good or bad thing. Of the many apps I played with on the iPad, Pages was the one that surprised me the most, quite pleasantly. I was able to do far more creatively with the Pages app than I ever expected I’d be able to do on the iPad. Very nicely done.

The first experience is similar to that of working on a larger iPhone or iPod Touch; then it gets better. So much better. I chuckle just thinking about it; that’s how much fun the iPad is. The iPad’s sales were hot, and they were streaming out the door, literally. As I stood in front of the display where the iPad portfolio and protective cases were hung, I was dodging the hands of folks reaching for them. I got the message, I moved out of the way.

I strolled along the iPad display aisles and asked a few people what would they use the iPad for. The responses ranged from “for accounting purposes; to replace my laptop; for THIS!” THIS being a college-age kid really into the video game he was playing.  



There were iPad classes being held and fascinating to me is that the ‘students’ were senior adults. A group of this age usually comprises of people who have never touched a computer at all, let alone a Mac; or have been on the “dark-side” for years at a workplace. This device is so appealing and user friendly; it may help to break that apprehension barrier. Oh the possibilities.

The store stayed crowded and lines were forming off and on out the door. It’s quite and event, even if it isn’t your kind of event; the impact of the iPad has begun.



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0 Responses to iPad and Me

  1. Herbert Todd says:

    I didn’t get to a Apple store for my iPad moment (proximity to a store). Had to make uses of the local Best Buy. It felt sipping fine wine at the a bowling alley. But the wine was fine. After a few minutes I had to leave the store before I sold the display model iPad (of the store was sold out before I got there).

    I must say that seeing your photo and reading your credentials was much like the first time I saw a Playboy centerfold and read her profile. Imagine the anticipation I feel about attending my first meeting on the 25th. Hopefully, I’ll see you there.

  2. Chita says:

    Wow, how many shades of inappropriate…