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Let me start by saying that there seems to be 2 different camps of people on this daily blog when it comes to the iPad.

Camp 1 – iPad Haves.

This camp we know about. The bleeding edger’s, The ones that have to be the first. While they may not be the ones that stand in line at the Apple store, they still secretly sit in anticipation of the Fed Ex or UPS person. Like a family dog waiting for the master to come home and drop that can of Alpo in the dish. Once that package gets to the door their hands tremble in anticipation of opening that package. To share with the world all the delights of their new baby like the proud parents that they are now. Those Evans, and White people that support this blog. The soon to be proud father Beckman with the longer than wanted pregnancy. The iPad Haves!

Camp 2 – iPad Wanna Be’s

Now this camp is more on “the down low”. This camp lurks in the shadows. This camp has members that are more discreet. These ‘wanna be’s’ have secret lust and desire for the device. Silently drooling at the Apple store. Longing for the “touch and feel” of that smooth glass surface under their fingertips. The pulsating rush of an Apple created processor moving new Apps made for that larger screen, takes her or his breath away. These Thursday types… you know who you are.


But in writing this blog I also realize that the 2 camps above are but one group that has found favor with the iPad. But, Alas, there is a line in the sand. There is another side. The weird and angry side. The side that is angry that Apple did not create the iPad in the hardware configuration that they thought Apple should have done. Comments like “It doesn’t have a USB port” or “you have to use the iTunes store for content” or some other Apple conspiracy to take their money. HELLO! Apple is a business! Businesses are there to take your money. If you don’t want to give them your money here’s a hint… don’t buy it! If they (Apple) did not design the iPad the way you wanted it…. Don’t buy it! Better yet, create a device the way you thought it (the iPad) should have been and sell it. Yeah, just as iThought, it’s easier to just b____!

Also with this anger is the group that have decided to express their feeling with what I call “high cost stress testing”. These are the ones that spend $500 + U.S. Dollars and destroy an iPad. I have seen the videos on the Internet. From the “drop it on concrete from 6 ft” to the “let’s Blend an iPad” in a blender. (I must admit that this was fascinating to me. Sick to my stomach, but fascinating). Please, do we really need to waste money to express our feelings? Perhaps donating the money to a charity in their name would be better served. But I guess it would not allow them to vent.

But with every data-collecting device we must remember to BACKUP!!!!

So right now it appears to be 2 choices to do that. One is with a Mac that you can sync your iPad with. The second would be with a “Mobile Me” account. Whichever you chose, just remember to backup on a REGULAR basis! Those who do not, will one day, need the iPadded Cell.

Our Musical Selection for this week.

Trapped in the 80’s. This was one of my favorite movies and you should check it out if you have not.  The best part for me in the movie, if you can give a party at your home and every thing at the party gets sucked up the fireplace and spat out the chimney onto the front lawn, well, that’s a party!

Here is the video to the movie title sound track … enjoy!

Oh and be sure to tune in on Saturday April 10th 2010 to 760 AM WJR for theInternet Advisor Show. We will be on the air from 4 to 7 PM giving you the best in geek stuff and assistance. Download the WJR App to you iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad so you can hear it wherever you have an Internet connection.


I think I will go and join the “Thursday” crowd now. Move over Chita you are blocking the window.

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8 Responses to iPadimonium —-The World needs an iPadded Cell

  1. Chita says:

    It seems I have cause to block the window.
    To keep those ranting folks at bay. 🙂

    • Calvin Carson says:


      It’s a good thing our “physical positions” in life are as they are. This allows me to still be able to see while you fog the glass with your panting. 😉

  2. Yvonne says:

    FIrstly loved the article today and have enjoyed all the articles this week. I am a card carrying geek and can say I do have one as well. As a part of the genius sig if nothing else we have to know how these machines work so if we have questions on the ipad we can answer them at the meetings. So we do this for the membership at large. Yeah yeah that is my answer and I am sticking with it.

    • Calvin Carson says:


      It is a great story. I loved it. But let’s face it. You are a iPad-iHave. I will leave you at that and return to the Apple store window to press my face against it. 😮

  3. Gary Mencimer says:

    I never saw it coming (your mantra – back up).
    You crack me up:-)

  4. Calvin says:


    We must keep the message alive. Glad you are enjoying the blog!

  5. Chita says:

    I’m not fogging up the glass as you say. 🙂
    Love the item, just not in the market at this time.
    So, you’re not alone, that’s just not me doing that panting.. 🙂

  6. K “Thermionicist” G says:

    So what’s the point of your rant?