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So you say you have a lot of stuff that you want to post on eBay but do not know where to start? Why not give this software a try, GarageSale by iwascoding.

iwascoding is a German company that was founded in 2005. The founders were frustrated by eBays lack of listing utilities for Mac OSX.

iwascoding has the best customer service I have ever seen. Not only do they get back to you right away but they send clear and friendly instructions on how to correct your problem, if you find a bug, they will be more than happy to fix it. They are awesome!

If you have a lot of items to post, using software like this is much easier than just posting thru eBay’s system because you can use pre-defined templates, customized styles and it can automatically upload and manage your images if you have a mobileme account. It will also, if you want, auto delete your images from your iDisk.

It also manages your auctions for you, such as feedback left, payment instructions, item shipped, item paid. It can also manage eBay Stores.

One nice feature is the scheduling, if you do it thru eBay each item cost an extra 10 cents and that can add up. So, Garagesale is a money saving device for those of us who have a lot of stuff to sell on eBay.

As a daily user of GarageSale my only complaint would be the templets aren’t as flashy as some others I have seen, and you can’t create your own patterns. The selection is large, 140 free templates…but not tailored to my auction needs. Such as holiday themes would be nice, the ability to add your own graphics to the template, etc.

A single user license for GarageSale 5 is $34.99 Users can use this license on up to two Macs. A family license, that allows the installation of GarageSale on up to 5 computers is $59.99. An unlicensed version of GarageSale allows the upload of 3 auctions to eBay. GarageSale 5 is a free update for all users who purchased version 4. All other users can upgrade to version 5 for $14.99 (single user license) and $19.99 (family license).
GarageSale 5.3 supports Ebay’s new design and Twitter.

Learn more about GarageSale here.

The best way to get a better idea on what GarageSale is all about is to view their tutorials.

Tutorials can be found here:

Oh by the way, GarageSale for the iPhone just released GarageSale Touch.


Come to the April Meeting has donated for raffle 3 free licenses of GarageSale. Name and email will be needed so the company can generate the license. Thank you to Paul Hecker from iwascoding in Berlin!

Also we will be raffling off books on GarageSale the Manual at the next meeting thanks to Fireship Press for that. 

Macintosh, the world’s finest computer. eBay, the world’s finest online marketplace. GarageSale, the world’s finest eBay software. All three now brought together in GarageSale: The Manual. – 6 X 9 – 220 pages – 175 Illustrations

Check out their other books here

Huge thank you to Tom Grundner Senior Editor Fireship Press who as it turns out hails from Clawson, MI and went to Eastern Michigan, and has been using Apple computers since 1979 (Apple II) for the book donations.


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2 Responses to GarageSale Review

  1. Steven Klein says:

    I’ve been using GarageSale for about 3 years now. I have two complaints about it:
    1. Performance. It’s dog slow, even on my MacBook Pro.
    2. The interface is far too complicated.

    Having said that, I much prefer it to my previous method of listing items in eBay, when I would hand-code HTML to spiff up my listings!

    There is a competing product called iSale. Back in 2007 I evaluated both apps before deciding on GarageSale. If I were a frequent eBay seller, I’d probably spend the time to evaluate iSale again—a lot can change in 3 years.

  2. GLORIA says:

    I purchased the $16.99 package on 8/3/10 and I thought it was for putting a condition (NEW) on my listings. It changed my computer to do that on garage sale for a while, but then stopped. I cannot place a “condition” (NEW) on any of my listings, so Garage sale is now useless to me. What did I pay you $16.99 for? Please respond immediately.