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I am one of those geeks who really enjoys being on the bleeding edge, with all of the latest software and gadgets, but sometimes it causes problems. This point was recently brought home by something a friend ran into.

In preparation for a workshop, a friend sent his Keynote presentation to the A/V tech at the venue. Now, he always has his MacBook Pro to work from, but a little insurance never hurt anyone, and this happened to be an all Mac campus. No one expected problems. Oops! Seems that his copy of Keynote is newer. They couldn’t open it.

Now, you could go through the procedure to convert it to Quicktime and DVD, but ┬áthere is a faster, easier solution. Export it to Microsoft PowerPoint. As long as you aren’t using any Keynote-only features, exporting is fast and painless, and the resulting PowerPoint file should be easily opened by any version of Keynote. It will also run in OpenOffice, but any sound track will be lost.

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