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So, now that I've had a couple of weeks with my iPad, it's time for further thoughts. Am I still happy with it? Absolutely. Do I have a wish list? Naturally.


Number one on the list is the ability to connect to my network printer — with every app. ePrint works reasonably well, but it's limited to specific things, like web pages, or photos in albums. Or contact lists from your Address Book. You can print photo calendars, but you can't print them with iCal entries. Come on, Apple. If I can print these things right from my iPad, why can't I print Pages or Numbers documents? Why can't I print my iCal entries? If Microtech can produce a $2.99 app to print some of these things, then why can't Apple give us the entire thing. Yes, I can copy a document and then print the clipboard, but I shouldn't have to go through the extra steps. (Try ePrint Free to be sure your printer works with this app. Works with iPhone, too).


To repeat what Jack Beckman wrote a while back, we need a version of iBooks that will work on the iPhone and touch. I wouldn't complain if they also produced a version for my MacBook, too. Amazon did it. I always have a book going on the iPad, and I love the way my Kindle app will keep track of where I am and keep my reading in sync on both the IPad and my touch. Yes, the iPad is usually with me, but there are times I don't carry it but have my iPod touch. If I have a few minutes to read, it's nice to be able to open the touch and pick up where I left off on the iPad. I also wish that Apple's bookstore could be more like the Kindle store. It's fine if I'm looking for a specific title or author, but for normal browsing, not so fine. I know it's still new, but it's not like they didn't have a model to compete with.


One wish that has been answered, is the need for something to take down scrawled notes. The keyboard is just not always convenient.  Penultimate ($2.99 for a limited time) seems to foot the bill, although I don't know how it would be for someone with monster fingers. Set up multiple notebooks for notes and sketches. Email single pages or entire notebooks in PDF format. I've found a couple of other apps that will let you scrawl notes, but this is by far the fastest and smoothest. Hopefully, there will be pen point options in the future.  I'd like something a little finer, but this will work.

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One Response to iPad Wishlist

  1. Phil Hagadorn says:

    Hi Phyllis – I was looking for your e-mail address & couldn’t find it anywhere I looked so will use this ……

    Two things …… I clicked on my bookmark for Mac Group & got a screen that said something like Access Forbidden. Is it no longer good because of the switch?

    Secondly, what does Terry do for Adobe?

    Do you have an e-mail address you wouldn’t mind me using?