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Every week I seem to find something to write about backing up your Mac or PC. This week however I find myself at a blank page for something to write about dealing with backups.

Time Flies

That is when I realized that I have been doing this Friday blog for 6 months now. It was on Oct 30th 2009 that I wrote my first MacNews blog. At that time I did not realize that there would be millions, well maybe thousands, perhaps hundreds, okay dozens, of people reading this religiously every week. Hanging on my every word. Looking for that message, that passage that would keep them on the right path and away from the depths of misery and despair that comes with unhappy times and events with their computer.

Being a Super Hero is tough



Feeling this great weight of responsibility. After all with Great Power comes Great Responsibility. I take on this mantle. I accept this challenge to deliver the word to all “tech kind”. To give the people hope. To reinforce the true values that great computing has been built upon. To reach to the very core of my being and bring forth the very words that were first etched into a Syquest cartridge many, many, years ago.

I sailed those seas, I craved my way thru jungles, I climbed that mountain. When I reached the summit, I found a great oracle of strength and wisdom. Oh great Oracle, what wisdom could you possibly place upon me that I can return to my people and share with them. Tell me, Tell me what I should say.

He looked with a wise and knowing eye and said.

“Ye, there are but two peoples in the world today. He whost needs to backup and He whost will wished thou had backed up”

So whost are you?

Wine, Women, and Song. —- Well just song.

This weeks musical selection I pulled because I just like the singer’s voice. Another super group from the 80’s.


Catch ya on Saturday May 1st 2010 from 5 to 7 PM. Its time again for you to tune into 760 AM WJR for the Internet Advisor Show. Once again attempting to take all of this “geek speak” and put it in an easy to understand format to provide assistance with your computer problems.

We also want to wish Foster Braun the best of luck on his treatments for his battle with cancer. You can send him your best wishes at

You can also click this link and download the WJR App to you iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad so you can hear it wherever you have an Internet connection.

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3 Responses to Let it be written … Let it be done

  1. Yvonne says:

    I enjoy your weekly posts and you always manage to pick good music.This week is no exception. Culture Club is one of my favorites. Thank you Cal for making my day. 🙂

  2. calvin says:


    Glad you enjoyed it. In this video not only did I dig the music but his outfits were kinda cool for me. The makeup I will pass on. Just a little Ponds at night keeps my skin baby soft.

  3. Steven Klein says:

    Calvin, I’m guessing your title came from The Ten Commandments. We get that movie from Netflix every year around Passover time. And sometimes I’ll tell my 6-year-old son, “So let it be written,” and he answers, “So let it be done.”