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Just some quick updates on a few things that gave me trouble in the past:

MLB At Bat: I had mentioned that it seemed to lag pretty badly in spring training. Well, with a few weeks of the real season in, I can say that the lag problem is gone. I don't use the iPhone version very much any more though, as I use the iPad version (which, unfortunately, was another $15). In fact, the biggest problem with it now is that the audio sometimes lags the "pitch by pitch" display, so the radio announcers are behind what the app it telling me!

Desktop Connect: For some odd reason, it's now working fine for me at home. I have no idea what changed – same Macs, no patches added, no new version of the program – it just seems to be working. I even tried it from the same spot in the house. I originally said it was working great for some folks, and Terry White mentioned in the comments that it was working well for him. So what's new?  Don't know. I will say that I think I still prefer the iTap program, because it uses the same password authentication that the OS X screen sharing client uses – that of an authorized user, as opposed to the extra VNC password that you have to set up for VNC clients. Not a big deal ,but somewhat tighter security. Also, I've never had the weird slowdown problem I had with Desktop Producer – and since I don't know what "fixed" it, I have no idea if it will come back or not.

Magic Mouse: I updated the entry a bit back, but in case you aren't obsessively re-reading all my posts, you may have missed it. Adding an external Bluetooth module has fixed all my Magic Mouse problems with my MacPro. Sometimes, after a reboot, it seems like the external Bluetooth isn't in use, because the problems come back, so I just pull it out of the hub it's in, wait a second, and pop it back in. There's no indication in the status bat as to which Bluetooth unit the system is using, but the one I bought (a Belkin) flashes blue when it is being used.


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