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Hi there Guys and Guyettes!


This week I have to be short and sweet. It's because I am swamped to the point that I can't even get to work on my Mac using something new and exciting or just imparting some practical knowledge I have aquired.




I can still provide you with some nuggets of advice that will always hold true.






1) Backup Backup Backup. If you have not lately, you need to now.


2) Attend this weekend's Macgroup meeting. Every meeting you will learn something. I always have. I doubt it will ever stop.


3) There will be an iPad given away at this month's meeting. The winner will be very happy.


4) I will not be able to make this month's meeting, I won't be able to win an iPad, I won't be as happy, I will find time to backup.


See …. all nuggets of truth.


Musical Selection

One of my really old Saturday cartoons that I used to watch. Sweeet!




Make sure you tune in on Saturday from 5-7 PM for the Internet Advisor Show on AM 760 WJR. While I won't be on this Saturday ( I am cooling it on Ice this weekend ) you can still impart wisdom from both Ed Rudel and Gary Baker for your Internet and computer questions.



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