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I had the same experience this week from two different people, different venues, different devices, same exhilarating scene, same unsolicited desire to show me this great app.

Same response: Intense laughter and giggling like a little kid in a candy store. Who were they? Grown men. What app had them so excited to show off? Smack Talk!

One great thing about owning an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad is hearing “have you seen this app?”  The person saying this usually has an unexplainable gleam in their eyes. They are on a mission to show you something that excites them.

Smack Talk! is a voice-altering app that features an animated guinea pig, kitten, puppy and chihuahua that repeat your words back to you, but in a very high-pitched squeaky voice. Like sucking in a deep breath from a helium filled balloon. There’s also low-pitched voices.

Smack Talk! was created by Marcus Hobbs and the story behind Smack Talk! is something that can be related to by many these days—shifting gears; going after your dream during hard economic times.

To read more about Smack Talk! and it’s creator, click here. And get ready to enjoy the video.



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