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If you own one of those two million iPads out there, I'm sure you've looked at cases. There are all types of cases showing up everywhere. Don't get me wrong. I like Apple's (with a few modifications!) but I wanted something that would tell me at a glance which iPad was mine. There are two in my house. A friend. who I visit frequently, also has two and is about to add a third for his wife. Did you see how many were at the last meeting? Get the picture? 

I like portfolio-type flip cases. I've had them for my old Palm and my iPod touch. They protect but give me fast access when I need it. I feel comfortable dropping them in my bag, knowing I don't have to worry about keys or nail files scratching the screen. And no, I don't use screen protectors. I've yet to find one that goes on totally bubble-free. Someone needs to develop a spray-on/peel-off screen protector. Any chemists out there listening?

Anyway, I found a nice looking flip case on line at a decent price, and all was well for the first few days — until the pleather started to loosen up. Near disaster! I was showing a friend how the magnetic flap lets you create a stand for the iPad, when it actually slid halfway out of the case. Now, I had taken the thing out of the case exactly once in the few days that I had it. It should not have loosened up that much. The Griffin flip case for my touch is well over two years old and is still nice and snug.

Not an ideal solution, but I did find something that seems to be working to keep my iPad in place. I slathered some good old Elmer's Rubber Cement onto the inner back surface of the case. It seems to be holding well, and I shouldn't have a problem when I decide to change the case. The down side? More rubber cement if it has to come out of the case and then go back in. While I'm not totally in love with Apple's case, it at least has it's little tuck-in flap to keep things secure. 

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