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Well of course it is! However, I can see why some are beginning to raise this question because there wasn't even a brief mention of the Mac or Mac OS X at last weeks WWDC Steve Jobs Keynote. WWWC (WorldWide Developer Conference) is the annual event where the Apple developer community comes together to find out about new tools and products for developing for Apple's platform. It's not uncommon for Apple to showcase the next version of the Mac OS and even release a new hardware product here and there. However, at this year's conference the focus was 100% on Apple's mobile business. So if you're not into iPhones, iPads and iPods, there wasn't ANYTHING for you at the keynote. Not even stats on how well the Macs are selling. Now of course Apple did hold sessions throughout the week on the Mac OS and other areas, but the attention is on the "new shinny object" and that's the iOS. Apple has traditionally been a company that focuses the bulk of their attention on what's hot at any given moment. Also who could argue with the companies financial success. So whatever they're doing as a BUSINESS it's working. Still, I want to know…


Where's my NEW Mac Pro?

I've been patiently waiting with cash in hand to buy the new 2010 Mac Pro tower. The last Mac Pro was introduced in March of 2009! Yes, 16 months ago, which is an eternity in the computer hardware space. No question Apple is now a Consumer Electronics Company and doing great with the Mobile business and also equally well with the notebook (MacBook – I love my NEW Core i7 MacBook Pro) and consumer desktop (iMac) lines too. What about us pros? Much smaller market for sure, but we do buy the most expensive products Apple sells. 


Just a few quick stats

The current Mac Pro was introduced March 2009

The current Apple 30" Cinema Display was introduced March 2006 <- yes 4 years ago

Apple recently retired the I'm a Mac/I'm a PC campaign


The Bottom Line

Apple should continue to fight the battles that make it successful as a company, however, they also shouldn't take their eye off the bread and butter market either. It would be weird to wake up one day to find all those shiny new iDevices docked to PCs.

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7 Responses to Is the Mac still important to Apple?

  1. Sally Simon says:

    So when is your book about the iPhone ios4 coming out?????

  2. observer says:

    The newest consumer Macs run circles around the Pro machines of just a few years ago. They are amazing! The only thing one REALLY needs a pro machine for is to do commercial video editing, 3D modeling or one of a couple more numbers crunching tasks. These consumer laptops can now run InDesign, Photoshop, etc. with ease. This makes the pro arena even smaller in comparison to what is was a few years ago. Heck I see a lot of professionals using the large screen iMacs these days.

  3. Brett says:

    I want a Mac Pro that I can outfit with at least 2 Nvidia Tesla C2050 or C2070 cards. That would really open up OpenCL for me. However this would also require Nvidia to restore the full 512 cores and reduce the power consumption and heat.

    If Apple really wanted a kick-ass supercomputer, it would put 2-4 tesla GPUs on the motherboard, and leverage full system power and cooling.

  4. alan reed says:

    I also was hoping WWDC would intro a new MAC PRO. 3D modeling is used in everything including Photoshop, etc.

  5. Mike says:

    I LOVE my MacPro and I think it is critical to my personal computing infrastructure. Despite the love of iMac, MacBookPro, etc., you can’t beat the storage capacity and power of the 8 processor, 4 internal drive bay MacPro.

    I have a MacBook, iMac, MacPro, iPod Touch, iPad, and will own an iPhone on June 24. The MacPro was the first purchase, the iPhone will be the last.

    Apple needs to play all sides of the game.

  6. MT says:

    Check out the new Mac Mini on Apple’s website right now.