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I'm one of those people who likes to fall asleep to music. It's one of those habits that my father started for me when I was very little. Yes, I have a clock radio that has a sleep timer, but it's not always easy to find a decent station to listen to at night. In my search for an alternative, I found Awaken for iPad and iPhone in the App Store. It's a nice little alarm clock / sleep timer for only $1.99. 

Use it as a clock when you have it in a dock. There are 10 different clock styles, including a photo frame clock.

Use a plain, classic LED clock for a night light.

And for those like me who want to sleep to music, set your sleep timer. Select your playlists, tell it how long to play, hit Start Timer, then relax. Volume too high? The volume control is always there at the bottom of the screen. 

Wake up to your music or the built-in sounds. Need a few more minutes of sleep? Just touch the screen. Yep, it even has a snooze alarm. 

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