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There are days when I just can't resist a bargain. 90 in1 : Appzilla! was one of those $.99 bargains. Designed for the iPhone, it also runs on the touch and iPad (reduced size, of course).

There are a bunch of useful apps, like Currency for current exchange rates and Loan Calc for simple loan calculations. Then there are the nuttier apps like Bleep (the infamous radio bleep button for those who say the wrong thing), Buzzer (think game show right and wrong buzzers), Pet Age (converts dog, cat & horse years to human), Strobe (yep, your very own portable strobe light).

Bug Repel looks like a pulsing yellow bug light, and supposedly emits an ultrasonic sound wave to repel flying insects. Does it work? Couldn't tell you. Music Box looks and sounds like an antique music box. Set the timer and select one of the two tunes it plays, and with luck it will put the baby to sleep for you. Sleep Aid works the same, only for the big people. Select from nature sounds or a heart beat, used alone or layered, and you can even add a song to it.

Need more for that 99 cents? A ruler, although don't use it on the iPad. An inch on the iPad is actually 1.25 inches. Sound Box — for your own sound effects. Parking — keeps track of time left of a parking meter, and better yet, uses GPS to locate your car. Flip a coin or set timers for each of your stove burners. You get the idea.

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