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Taking a peek over my “Time Shoulder”

Back when I was younger

Back when I was spunky

Back when I happy

Back when I was Funky

Back before a time of iPods, Iphones, iMacs, and “Ilove Lucy”.

People had other way of keeping their data backed up.

Keeping old newspapers in a closet.

Keeping old pictures in an attic

Keeping old 45’s, 78’s, and 33&1/3 LP’s in a rack

Yep, that was the way people used to backup

But now we have Flash Drives, external drives, and cloud drives.


What is important is that we remember to BACKUP.


BACKUP – It is the word for the week


Keeping it short and sweet.


You won’t be able to catch me this week on “The Internet Advisor Show” this week. No you will just have to enjoy Gary and Vince because Ed is off and I am off to Western Michigan to officiate and watch some great figure skating.

Be there or be Square

Make sure that you make it to the Macgroup Meeting this Sunday 6/27/2010 for a great presentation from Terry White on Adobe’s CS5. Get all the details a – See you there on Sunday!


Musical Selection for the week

Another one of my favorite groups that have been a classic over the years – Enjoy


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2 Responses to Backup… still the same over the years ..

  1. Gary says:

    I am a believer! That said. Here is the ULTIMATE back-up video from Chase Jarvis, a Seattle based photographer. You might find it useful to make a point in your weekly BACK UP column. See it here:

  2. calvin says:


    This is what backup is all about when you are dealing with critical data that would be difficult to recreate or very expensive. This video that you linked to is one of many ways to protect oneself from loss.

    Thanks for sharing!