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When I'm at home, I need cables to be able to reach from one device to the next and usually the ones that ship with the devices are great. However, when it comes to travel I usually want short cables whenever possible because they take up less space and make it easier for TSA to X-ray your gear. I had found short cables for just about everything else I carry such as Firewire and USB devices, but I hadn't yet found short cables for my iDevices (iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc.). That all changed with a blog reader pointed me to Cable Jive. Cable Jive makes a variety of different cables and solutions, but the one that I was most interested in was their iStubz for iDevices. They cost $8 (half the price that Apple charges for a sync cable) and they work great! Like I said, they make some really useful products and I'm also intrigued by the DockXtender cable and the CableDrop 🙂

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