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Ever need to access a file on your home computer when you are on the road? Or access something on an external drive on your home network? Well, I've found a super simple app that takes all of the potential headaches out of the equation.

Slink is the absolute easiest way to connect. Install the Preference Pane on your desktop computer, load the application on your laptop, launch the app and enter the Slink ID number from the Preference Pane, and that's it for the setup.

I set it up on Saturday, then tested it out at the MacGroup meeting on Sunday, and was really amazed at how fast it connected. The connection was not super fast, but we do tend to see a whole bunch of laptops and iPads connected at the meetings. It was fast enough that I had no trouble streaming music from iTunes on my home system.

It will ask for passwords to access anything (as far as I tested), but that's just the way you want it. You can get to your files, but no one else can without that password. Cost is $25.00 for one computer, or you can buy a Family Pack of 5 licenses for $45.00. You can try before you buy, always a good thing. 

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4 Responses to Taking Your Network on the Road

  1. Calvin says:


    Now this seems like a tool that I could really use. Nice tip!

    I made sure not to use any bandwidth at the last meeting. I was not there unfortunately. Bummer, I would have had my iPad half paid for.

  2. Steven Klein says:


    How does the licensing work? If I want to use my MacBook Pro to remotely access my eMac and iBook at home, will I need three licenses? Or is the icense only needed for the remote user?

  3. Phyllis Evans says:

    Steve, you only need a license on the machine that you are using to access the remote network.

  4. Olof Olsson says:


    Olof from Slinkware here. Many thanks for the great article Phyllis.

    You are correct. Slink only requires a license for each remote Mac that you use. (Normally only 1. We also offer a 5-user Family Pack.) The home Mac does not require a license.

    Happy to answer any other questions that you may have.

    Also, I am happy to offer $5 off for MacGroup Detroit members. Just e-mail if you are interested, and I will send you an a discount coupon. (Or tweet me @slinkware.)