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The blog segment that proceeds me each week is called “Thirsty Thursday”. Why is Thursday anymore thirsty than any other day of the week is beyond me. I will say with the hot weather, consuming more water on a regular basis is a good thing to do.

Soul on Ice

This week I have been working the “Skate Detroit” skating competition at the Detroit Skate club. Thursday evening’s Senior Men featured some great skating. Having the job of being one of the officials provides for great seating for all of the action. By the way, watching the competition is free and it’s really cool inside while it’s hot outside. Come on out and enjoy some great skating!



VMWare Fusion on the Mac!

Last week I mentioned that I loaded VMWare’s VMFusion on my iMac so that I can run my Windows XP machine on my iMac so that I would have everything on one computer. Well so far, limited testing has produced a “Hit” so far in my book.  It’s brisk in it’s running of the O/S of XP. I loaded Intuit’s Pro Series Basic tax software and it runs without problem. What really surprised me was that when I printed the tax form, I just clicked PRINT and it printed. Now when I installed the O/S, I did not select a printer. VMFusion and the Mac OS X were smart enough to send the print to my Mac default printer and I was happy. More testing to come.


Musical Selection for this week

While more comical than musical, I think you will still enjoy this.





Broadcasting from High atop the Fisher Bldg!

Tune in to AM 760 WJR between 5:00 and 7:00 PM for “The Internet Advisor Show”. Foster Braun this week is the only regular in the house. Gary Baker, Ed Rudel and I will be out this week but Vince C. and Foster will be there for talk both lively and informational about all things computer and Internet. I will return next weekend.

One word …. Backup ! If you are not sure if you need to…. Backup … then Backup!

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2 Responses to The Fusion of Mac & Windows is Working!

  1. Chita says:

    Don’t hate Cal.

  2. Calvin says:

    I agree, “Don’t Hate Cal” . After all he is a great guy!

    It was hot and I was encouraging people to remember to keep themselves hydrated. “Thirsty Thursday” was a good way to lead up to that reminder.

    So folks, continue to “Drink in” all that is served in the “Thirsty Thursday” blog!