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So I'm minding my own business at the last MacGroup meeting, testing out Slink on my MacBook, and all of a sudden, the MacBook battery was almost flat. Huh? Well, maybe it was because I was streaming audio from my iMac at home. Nah, couldn't be that, I was only connected for maybe 5 minutes. But something was definitely wrong. In fact, the battery icon in the menu bar was reading Service Battery. 

That night I finished draining the battery, went through the routine to reset the power manager, recharged it, and it was showing only 40% capacity. Now granted, it is a 19 month old battery, but was only showing 21 cycles and should have been doing better than that. The next morning I disconnected the power cord, cranked up iTunes, started running a movie (Hellboy II, for the record), and the battery died after 72 minutes. Let the beast sit for 6 hours, reconnected the power cord so it could recharge, green light finally came back on after several hours, and the battery health was down to 38%. Time for a trip to the Apple Store.

On Wednesday I went to the Twelve Oaks store online to make a genius appointment for Thursday. Am I glad I made my appointment the day before. I had a 1:30 appointment, and when I arrived, the place was wall to wall people, and their service list was showing no open appointments for the rest of the day. I was barely through the door when one of the sales reps logged me in to the system. At 1:25, the Apple Genius was running diagnostics on my MacBook, just to be sure it was only the battery, and at 1:35 I was walking out the door with a new battery in place. The battery was well out of warranty, and I fully expected to pay the list $129 for a replacement, but I am happy to say that they only charged me $99, the repair/replacement price. He could just as easily have sold me one of the $129 batteries sitting on the shelf, and I wouldn't have complained, but he didn't. 

People wonder why I buy directly from Apple instead of looking for bargains from other retailers. This is why. I have never had a bad experience with any Apple employee. And on questionable repairs/problems, it has been my experience that if you go to them with a positive and friendly attitude, they will do everything possible to keep you happy. 

So, thank you Apple. Thank you for good, solid products and a great staff. 

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5 Responses to Support Your Local Apple Store

  1. Gary says:

    Well said.
    We are finally getting an Apple Store in the Palm Springs, CA. area this fall. No more 75 mile commute. 🙂
    I love my Mac.

  2. Bill Dalzell says:

    As a long time Mac user, both at work and at home, I would love to have an Apple store to patronize. Don’t see that happening anytime soon in Bellingham, WA though. Seems only the folks living in the largest US cities will have a store within easy driving distance.

  3. Arrakian says:

    I have always had good luck with the stuff I get straight from Apple. People complain about their 27 inch iMac; not me. I walked into the Apple Store this past Christmas, got one, and haven’t had one problem with it- nada.

  4. Phyllis says:

    I often wonder if those who have negative experiences don’t go in with an attitude problem. Most sales/tech people will go above and beyond if you just approach them with a pleasant, positive outlook. No one wants to be dumped on, especially for something that isn’t their fault. Batteries die, equipment fails, there will always be recalls. Accept the fact and deal with it as an adult.

  5. Steven Klein says:

    I see a comment posted by “Gary” in Palm Springs, CA.

    Does anyone here know who that is? If Gary does any Mac work (volunteer or otherwise), I have a client there who occasionally needs help.

    And if Gary knows of any good Mac consultants in his area, I’d love to hear about them.

    Of course, after November, I’ll just send them to the Genius Bar at El Paseo Village.