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Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. 


Every single day there are pro photographers and amateurs alike posting their photos online for family and the world to see. Rarely do you get the occurrence of thousands of photos being posted simultaneously from around the world for the same event; showcasing the beauty the world has to offer.


Even though the 2010 Photowalk day has come and gone, the event is not over. Over 33,000 photographers took to their feet and hoisted their cameras, and once again, what came out of this event was sheer beauty.


Thousands of photos have been uploaded to Flickr for the world to be able to see what others around the world saw not just through the viewfinder of their cameras, but with the minds eye. 


Only one lucky image from each Photowalk will be selected to compete for the grand prize; so the pressure is indeed on.


But, even before the first picture was taken, there was a lot of goodwill preceding the event. 100% of the profits for event T-Shirts were donated to support Springs of Hope, Kenya Orphanage.


Interested parties could otherwise choose to just go to this web site and “Take the $10 Challenge.” In parts of the world, a $10 donation, like an image, can be a very powerful thing.


Just looking at the images that were uploaded to this event’s Worldwide Flickr account, over 15,000 so far, could take you days. But please note that the beauty of the world around us was not left to the imagination—some of it was indeed captured.


SK 3rd Annual Worldwide Photowalk


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