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How many times a day do you say that while on your computer?


Wow that many.  🙂


Well, I for one usually say that after I accidentally close a Safari browser window. It is not unusual for me to have a minimum of 15 browser windows open at any given time. And those windows usually contain multiple tabs that I click back and forth through. So, I do try to close those that may no longer be relevant. But, when I accidentally close the wrong one…


Though, when I quit Safari to end a browser session for the night, or whatever reason for quitting, it’s great to get right back to where I left off by using the “Reopen All Windows from Last Session” command under Safari’s History Menu. 














So, I find the “Reopen” commands very, very helpful. But there are times when I may accidentally close one of those browser tabs, and until now there was no recourse to quickly resurrect it, like I could after closing a browser window.




























Hence, added to Safari 5, is the ability to restore that accidentally closed browser tab. Simply select Edit > Undo or use the shortcut keys, Command-Z. An additional safety net.  🙂

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2 Responses to Oops! I Didn’t Mean To Do That

  1. Steven Klein says:


    A few months ago I wrote an AppleScript called “resume Safari” that launches Safari and automatically selects “Reopen All Windows from Last Session.”

    I copies the Safari icon onto my script file, and put it in the dock, in place of Safari.

    That way, every time I click on the icon, Safari starts and brings me right back to where I was last.

    Regarding the “undo” feature for closing a tab, it’s important to note that a tab recovered this way loses its history. If you click several clinks, you can normally click the “back” button to return to a previous page. But if you close a tab, then “undo” closing the tab, the back button is greyed-out.

  2. Thanks for the valuable tip. Just what I needed.