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I've had a MobileMe account since day one. I like the fact that it gives me an email address that will not change, even if I change service providers every six months. It gives me off-site storage for critical files. It gives me a website/blog and photo archive. And yes, I know those things are available elsewhere for free (as this was in the beginning), but I'm a firm believer that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Somewhere, sometime, the free services tend to migrate to paid services or else you get stuck with ads and other nuisance things, so I don't object to paying for my MobileMe account. Saying that, I will admit that I don't pay full price for it by leaving it on automatic renewal. There are always discounted packages available at place like Amazon and Small Dog. And don't be fooled by 'this year's' vs 'last year's' packaging. It's all the same, and all you need is the serial number. Amazon is currently showing 'last year's' for $48 — half price.

Sometime back, Apple added "Find My iPhone" to MobileMe. If you add your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to it, as long as some sort of networking (3G or WiFi) is enabled, you should be able to locate it. Now, it won't tell you the exact location, but it will at least let you know if you left it somewhere in your house, office or that last coffee shop you visited. 

Better yet, you can remotely lock it or, if necessary, wipe it clean. Yep, if you have confidential info on it and it was picked up by some light-fingered louie, you can erase your data to keep it from prying eyes. You also have the option to display a message. Or, you can have it play a sound, even if it's in silent mode. Admit it. We've all called our own cell phones just so we could locate them. I will even admit to using my cell phone to locate my cordless house phone. 

MobileMe will send you an email showing when your message was displayed. There is also a free Find My iPhone app that will run on your iPhone or iPad so you can check, even if you are not near a computer. Kids in the family with iPhones? If the phone is turned on, you can even locate said offspring. 

If you have an iPhone or iPad or even a touch, and you don't have a MobileMe account, you might just want to consider it. It might save you some headaches.

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13 Responses to Another Reason for MobileMe

  1. Ricky says:

    Really nice post. I’ve been a long time .mac subscriber myself and I totally agree on what you say.

    Let’s hope Apple is going to continue investing in this useful service.


  2. Jack Beckman says:

    Thanks for the heads-up on Amazon and the “old version” of MobileMe. I have a couple of accounts coming up for renewal soon and was going to start checking for sales, but now I’m set.

  3. Roland Young says:

    I have been struggling with trying to decide whether or not to change from Google to MobileMe. I use Google for everything that MobileMe offers except two things: Google Voice and Google Docs. I use both for my photography business and MM just doesn’t offer anything like it. I guess I could use iWork online for document storage (editing?), bit I really feel uncomfortable pitting my cell phone number on the Internet for all to see, at least Google Voice gives me the option to block callers if necessary.

    With that being said, I absolutely love Apple products. I have an iMac and an iPhone 4 (I hope to get an iPad here real soon). I have been using the 60 day trial and it works pretty well than when I had it before. One of the things that I can’t figure out though is how to set up my iPhone to receive my business POP mail without having the Mail indicator show double the messages on the count (if I forward all of my POP email to MM on the web. I don’t think this can be done currently with IOS4….??

    Since I am on the brink of switching I just need a little push, any suggestions or comments you may have on my above situation would be greatly appreciated since I have been seriously considering this for a very long time. Please drop me an Email from my web site link above.

    I appreciate all the comments, thank you on advance!


  4. jan says:

    next to Macs 😉 I enjoooy golf! Well last week I was invited to golf at a country club for a round. Well what a great time to fire up my ViewTi app and use my mophie battery pak and hit the links. Somewhere around the 8-9th hole my host dropped me off at my ball and he drove off to his. Since I was close enough to the hole that I didn’t need the distance. But after the hole and went to the next hole , you know the rest. Trying to find a phone in deep grass is nuts. I didn’t freak. I used his phone and called my daughter. She signed on to Mobile Me and spotted my phone. We still couldn’t find it because of the relative distance of the GPS. However the ping did it! Well worth the price of Mobile Me.

  5. pabugeater says:

    Mobile ME is worth it just for the synch capability: Safari book marks, iCal events and Address Book contacts all in sync, wirelessly via Mobile Me, between your Mac and all your iDevices.

  6. Mike says:

    I really like MobileMe, especially for the syncing among my three computers and two iOS devices. The gallery is also very neat in that it is so well integrated into iPhoto. However, I do take issue with the statement “I like the fact that it gives me an email address that will not change.” How about “” to “”? I recently tried to send an email to someone with a email address. It bounced. I changed it to and it was fine. Were it not for my knowledge of that Apple-initiated change, I could not have found the person.

  7. Phyllis says:

    Mike, I’m not sure what happened with your friend, I use both and (depending on the mood I’m in) and have no problem.

  8. pabugeater says:

    r.e. versus

    You can use either interchangeably as an email address … but these days you must configure your email settings for Mobile Me to use … (rather than the old for the outgoing server, and for the incoming.

  9. Steven Klein says:

    Phyllis, I admit I use the “Find” feature all the time, just to find my iPod touch when it’s somewhere in my house.

  10. Steven Klein says:

    I just found it on eBay for $43.97 with free shipping. (Seller has “More than 10” available.)

  11. Steven Klein says:

    And here it is from Amazon for $40.99 +$3.99 shipping. Total price: 44.98.

  12. Boris Judge says:

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