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So shortly after I post about ReaddleDocs adding annotations to their iPad PDF reader, GoodReader (0.99) adds it as well. Only GoodReader's support is slightly better – you can see the different colors for the cars:


Clicking on one of the icons gets you a colored box with the info, like in Acrobat:

But, you'll note, still no headings – arrg! So close…

Even the other PDF, that ReaddleDocs showed no cars on, shows better in GoodReader – the cars show as their dedicated icons:


But clicking on the icons gives no info, no popup.

I have an email into the folks at GoodReader – hopefully, I can send them my samples and they can make my PDFs work. I'm really looking forward to traveling without the laptop at some point.


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One Response to Closer To The Heart

  1. calvin says:

    Now thats a drum set!

    Rush —— Canadian content — Take off eh?