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Lately, I’ve been spending a lot to time in iPad apps that work with PDF files. Virtually every document I create ends up as a PDF for some reason or another, and the same for the files I use or read. Recently, another app I use for this purpose updated with some super new features.


GoodReader is already a superb app for iPad and iPhone. 


With GoodReader there are many features to preview, sort and manage uploaded files; PDF, text files, images, video and audio file, etc.. I use iDisk and Wi-Fi to quickly upload/download the files I need. There is also the sweet ability to download files from the web directly into GoodReader.



GoodReader has VGA out adapter support, so that documents within GoodReader can be displayed on an external computer display or projector.


Newly added are PDF annotation features, including:

  • Note Types: Comment, Help, Insert, Key, New Paragraph, Notes, Paragraph
  • Highlights: Text Highlights
  • Markups: Text Underlines, Text Deletions, Text Strikeouts, Text Insertion, Text Replacements
  • Drawings: Lines, Freehand lines, Arrows, Rectangles, Ovals 
  • Other annotations that you can view in GoodReader: Callouts, Polygons, Polylines, Stamps, File Attachments (which can be extracted).


Any notation created or edited in the PDF is saved with the PDF, allowing you to see these annotations on a computer or other device, or you can save an annotated copy.



All of these new features can be accessed by a single tap or tap and hold gestures and are contextual depending on where/what you tap.


Again, GoodReader is a superb app, with these new features making it even better.

Now if I can get the developer to add tabbed viewing…


Cost: $1.99


Good Reader for iPhone here from the GoodReader


Good Reader for iPad here from the GoodReader



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One Response to GoodReader ups the ante!

  1. Phil T says:

    GoodReader is the real deal if you want to annotate pdf files. Compared to several other readers I’ve tried, this is the only one that does highlighting right. Highlighting in other readers washes out the text, but in GoodReader the text remains sharp and readable. Scrolling could be a little smoother, but that’s a minor complaint. I highly recommend it.