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Last week I promised more iPad/iPhone/touch Halloween apps for the younger set. Not too many freebies available, and the one good free app is iPhone/touch only. Halloween Match-Me is a cute Simon/Follow-Me clone. Not much to it, but it's good for hand-eye coordination with the younger set. It has good graphics, nice sound effects, and best of all — it's free.

Another free app that's perfect for the little ones learning to read is a book called It's Witching Hour in Hazy Dell. You can select "Read to me" or "Read myself." It comes in two versions, one for the iPhone or iPod touch and a separate one for the iPad. They also have longer versions for $.99.

100 Horror Stories, Sound, And Scares also comes in two versions, one for the iPad and one for the iPhone and iPod touch. Each is $.99, so not expensive. Too bad the same one won't work on both formats. There are 20 sound effects, and you can set them to play in the background while you read one of the included horror stories. The stories are all public domain classics  from authors like Poe, Washington Irving & Bram Stoker. It's a nice collection, nicely formatted and worth the money. Oh, and if you click on various places on the house — well, let's just say that you may hear screams, you may see lightning, or you may even see a ghost.

Next week — the return of The MacGroup Five in an all new Halloween Video!

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2 Responses to Halloween Apps for the Younger Set

  1. Lonely Indie says:

    Also check out the new released iPhone Game “Candy Fever”
    It’s a cool free Halloween game with a cool Halloween theme.
    Try to get as much candy as ou can 🙂

  2. This interactive story book app for the iPad has been written by the author of Postman Pat – John Cunliffe. Great interactivity and story telling for the young uns.