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Web cams have become quite a common occurrence.

In some cases I've enjoyed watching Old Faithful blow its top, watching the sun rise on Mt. Fuji, and watching the flowing surf of the Hawaiian islands.


The world is a beautiful place and there are web cams that allow you to see more of it.  However, there are some web cams that voyeur on some pretty useless (I mean interesting) sights.  So, whichever spot you fall in on this range…"There's an App for That."


"Worldcams" app by eyespyfx offers up visuals from over 490 web cams from around the world and down the street. Categories range from:


  • City
  • Scenic
  • Aqua
  • Animal
  • People
  • Unique


Click on any web cam for a larger view and a faster stream.

And there's a camera for you to take a snapshop of what's being viewed.




For .99 Cents you can travel the world and still be back in time for lunch. 



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