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It’s Friday Baby!




Well last week was ( say this in your head with a echo effect) “BLACK FRIDAY”! 

With all the hype and hysteria ( I mean really shopping in a department store at 3:00 AM come on!) did you take advantage of any technology deals that will help you protect your data.

So tell me, did you get a deal on  an external hard drive? Find a USB drive for next to nothing? Perhaps a copy of “Mobile Me” for a less than aggressive price? What about a pack of DVD’s to back up your data? Did you purchase some backup software or did you just buy a new Mac and startup with “Time Machine”?


So don’t hold back. Tell me what you did. Unless you bought me that 2 TB external dual interface (USB & Firewire) hard drive that you plan on gifting me this season with. And yes I do accept those types of gifts. By the way….. It’s not too late to go and pick up that backup device … still.


Musical Selection – Flashback Track

I was having a conversation with a guy and we were talking about music. He said he liked Kool and the Gang. I said I did too. He said “The Bass player, he’s Kool” I said I think he’s pretty good too. He said “No, the bass player, he’s Kool” I said “yep he plays a mean bass” The guy walked away. I wonder what it was I said?

Well I am celebrating because I was able to fix a computer without losing any data for the poor soul



Radio Days are here again


Live from Detroit! It’s Saturday Night! —- We are back on the air live this week with the Join me,  I will be guest hosting on the Internet Advisor Show this Saturday 12-4-2010 between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM on 760 AM — WJR. Join Foster Braun – Moderator Extraordinary, Gary Baker – The Internet Advisor, Ed Rudel – Tech Savvy Guru, and I for 2 hours of tech enjoyment. Be sure to Tune In.


C Ya!


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