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Last month I reported on one of the new Griffin Elan Passport cases for the current generation iPod touch. It was a good case, but not perfect. Thanks to a tip last week from reader Linda Webber, it has been replaced by another Griffin Elan Passport case that is virtually identical, but fixes the two shortcomings of the original case. It has a port in the back for the camera lens and the button covering the home button is flatter and less prone to being triggered while in my pocket or bag. Also, instead of the metal plate in the front flap, it's padded and closes with a snap tab. Oh, the best part? It's $10 less than the original. 

Now, the mystery part. There is no record of it on Griffin's website, nor do any web searches find it. Linda found it at Walmart, and that's where I found mine for $24.88. And no, it's not even listed on their website. 

Happy Hannukah to all of our friends currently celebrating the Festival of Lights. The mad JibJabber strikes again!


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3 Responses to Griffin Elan Passport Revisited

  1. Mike B says:

    Great jibjab rendition except unfortunately we are in metro Detroit and not Cleveland but we still need lots of shalom here. I’ll bet that Jack Beckman can write a draedel program off of the ticket program (only 4 symbols). Merry Christmas from one of your dear Jewish members!!
    Mike B

  2. Chita says:

    Love the hair!!!

  3. RobinDawn says:

    I bought the same case tonight at Wal Mart for the same price, and I haven’t found any mention of this particular case anywhere on the internet except for this blog. Mysterious! The box says “for new iPod touch”. It fits my 2G, although it has the port in the back for the 4G’s camera. Best part? The snap closure. NO MAGNETS. And it’s more compact and attractive than the flip case I had before.