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Yeppers, Today is Friday!



I don’t enjoy delivering bad news …..

However when i have to fix someone’s computer problem that deals with their hard drive I always have to ask that magical question:

” You do have a backup of your hard drive right?”

Most of the time I get that cow eyed look, that deer in the headlights that tells me right off the bat that they do not have a backup. Not a happy time when I say the words:

“I will try to recover your data but it’s not looking to promising”

And this could have been prevented by ….

Yep a simple trip to the local computer store or purchase on the Internet can avoid a problem like this,

A simple USB or Firewire external hard drive. A copy of your favorite backup software and the protection level suddenly becomes a reality. Some diligence and life is so much sweeter.


When it’s good I like to talk about it….. and it’s good.

I don’t work for Microcenter but they are my source for backup drives. Two weeks ago, I bought a Seagate external drive for a recovery and backup operation. Its size was 1 TB for $79.00. Well Wednesday, I needed to buy 2 more drives and I wanted the same ones. But surprise! The same drives are now $69.00. So I mentioned it to the cashier in the front of the store. They smiled and asked for my receipt. Two minutes later, I had a $10.00 credit back on my credit card no muss or fuss. Made me happy. The drives are a great buy and have a FIVE YEAR warranty!




Musical Selection


When I can save someone’s data I consider them to be LUCKY. I really dig the special effects in part of this video. Enjoy!





We are back on the air live this week with the Join me,  I will be guest hosting on the Internet Advisor Show this Saturday 12-10-2010 between 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM on 760 AM — WJR. Join Foster Braun , Gary Baker , and I for 2 hours of tech enjoyment. Be sure to Tune In.

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