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I'm a busy guy and while I have several RSS feeds that I check everyday, there is one site that serves up ALL of the news I care about when it comes to Apple and industry related news. That site is This is the one page I can go to and see all of the headlines each day on topics that interest me and stories I would have otherwise missed. 

If you're even remotely interested in anything Apple related or want to know what's going on in the industry at any given time this is the site you need to go to!


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5 Responses to The One Place I Check To See All Things Apple Related

  1. Joe Frank says:

    Your right. This is my browser homepage. Excellent. I’m always amazed at the number of offbeat websites I find there that I would never have found if left to my own wits. Also good for trend lines affecting macs and apple.

  2. Titi Onree says:

    been using macsurfer since Netscape 3.0 Gold in 1996.

  3. Patrick says: is my home page. I’ve used it as a daily hub for Macintosh news (and Apple news) for what seems like forever. I love the format – a list of links, no flashy moving graphics to annoy. Items are appropriately categorized.

    I found this post via macsurfer.

  4. Ken Hancherow says:

    I’ve been using it for years. A great overview of everything Mac related.
    Unfortunately it has reduced my need to buy Mac mags. Fortunately it has saved me money.

  5. John says:

    One thing I don’t like about being a paying member of MacSurfer is you _can_ subscribe to their RSS feeds, but the links in your RSS reader just take you to their home page – where you have to find the article/link you wanted to read.